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…born in 1959, his atelier is in Amersfoort, the Netherlands. His inspiration

comes from Spanish bulls, the symbol of Spain. The bewildering respect we have for these

majestic beasts, which appear to originate from another world where strength

and elegance complement each other. This is exactly the characteristic of the bulls that Bosboom

manages to capture. He works with several colour layers of Epoxy raisin and acryl.​

Stier Kunst Bull


IQ Kunst, Zwolle     Add Art, Amersfoort Arnhem

Cobra Art Company, Amsterdam      Galerie De Lindt XII, Oisterwijk

Van Schaik Art Gallery, Zeist      Forum Art, Voorburg

The Arts, Den Bosch     Schoonheim & De Vink, Utrecht

Galerie Van Eijck, Rotterdam     Kunstuitleen Den Haag, Den Haag

Galerie Sille, Oudewater, Amsterdam

Galerie Timeless, Uithoorn    Kanis Kunst, Alkmaar


Leon Bosboom

Vanadiumweg 16

3812PZ Amersfoort

Tel: 06-533 56 513​

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My inspiration comes from the highly iconic photographic images of movie stars. I developed my own iconic

portraits by giving them a strong expression, strong colours in a mixed media setting. I use digital art as a basis, then

i complete the works with acryl, coffee and multiple layers of coloured and transparant epoxy raisin.

All together it results in strong and very decorative portraits.